End of Summer

It’s official – we have entered ‘that’ time of year when ‘cold, wet, windy, dark’ weather predominates. How do we know this?

20131109_080557The annual ‘Lowering of the Shorts’ has taken place, and we have moved from MST [Marks Shorts Time] to MLT [Marks Leggings Time]

The formal ceremony was held at the Leisure Centre at 8am on Sat 9th November in front of a select group of Joggers equipped with special ‘avert your eyes’ goggles. Our photographer was equipped with state of the art protection and was able to capture this shot before being overcome with emotion.

MST will formally be declared at some point in mid 2014 – special notices and ‘avert your eyes’ bulletins will of course be issued to protect sensitive souls from this upsetting event, and the usual ‘HJ Blindfold’ will be available

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