Saturday Morning – 10th August

Oh frabjous day – its Truleigh Scrumptious this weekend – c13 miles down to Upper Beeding and beyond, up Truleigh Hill, down down again, then back to Henfield! Thanks Hugh – but the weather and views will be worth it! As always, any queries to Hugh!

Truleigh Hill

Truleigh Hill

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  1. hj-admin says:

    Ooh lovely, nigh on 14 miles including 1812 feet of ascent Hugh! This weather just has to be experienced, and that we did alright! Photos under ‘Miscellaneous’ in the Gallery (see below) but Mark decided to be King of the Castle as we boldly went where no Jogger has gone before. That was before Hugh (I can’t believe it, I’ve never lost anyone before – hem hem) went in a different way to that expected by the others. As an experienced ‘loser’ I know who to follow – sadly the main group didn’t and went their own merry way – which is how Hugh, Brian and myself found ourselves slowed down towards the summit by 2lbs of bananas each, lashings of ginger beer, and a dozen sausage rolls (may be an exaggeration) not consumed by the others, who missed the feast! Sue was heard at that point to say ‘are we nearly home’ – sadly another 6 miles was in front of us, but at least it was downhill. And, for Sue, largely spent on Terrys back as a penance for introducing the comment of ‘bingo wings’. He won’t be doing that again! Ilidia found enough energy for a final sprint – but along an empty twitten! Jackie had more sense and just sighed ‘save it for the gallery Mrs Campbell’!!!

  2. hugh martin says:

    I couldn’t have described it better, Paul. Never a dull moment!

  3. hj-admin says:

    I don’t think anyone believes us Hugh, I’m sure they think we make this up!!! Saturday Mornings rock!!!!!

  4. sue spiers says:

    I must point out that I did in fact only use Terry,s back to get off that bridge, like a slippery slide it was!! But what a good idea for next time when im feeling like I can,t go on, piggy back rides from one or all of u strapping lads [yes now im creeping]would be lovely!!Lol. As for my bingo wings, well im still getting over the shock. Plenty of Vaseline next time I,ve been told. God knows what the next sat morning jog will hold!!!!!!!! All said and done it was a lovely route but I think my watch must have been wrong, said I did 12.5 miles and according to Hugh it was further. Looking forward to our next expedition.

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