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Henfield Fayre – Green Barrows

What can we say but thank you, well done and congratulations from all of us to Fayre7those who took part in the Henfield Fayre yesterday. Despite a difficult run up to this event Trevor did a fabulous job of organising everything, from the materials (wheelbarrows), the choreography, the rehearsals, putting the team together, and of course commentating on the day! And with Gill, Liz, Michele and Cathy manning the HJ Stand, we had a high profile event. Sadly I was away so can’t report ‘first hand’ but the messages I’ve received show we had a great day, and a fair number of membership enquiries to boot!

A big congratulations and WELCOME to our latest member, Katie Bremner, who won the prize of a free membership in the raffle – we look forward to seeing you along on a Wednesday soon Katie!

The photos I’ve seen so far are on the website here, but if anyone else has some please send them to me and I’ll pop them on there too!