Saturday Morning Run 4th May

Hugh reckons this is about an 11 mile run and there is a possibility of seeing a few bluebells. Maybe. Can’t promise! (Editors Note: He delivered! Some wonderful bluebells. See below for the ‘alternative’ route that I took – see Comment!!!!)

27th April Route
4th May Route
Paulies Route

Paulies Route

One Commentto Saturday Morning Run 4th May

  1. hj-admin says:

    Well, I enjoyed the company until about mid-point of the ‘official’ route……..feeling suddenly ‘uncomfortable’ I stopped off for a quiet ‘No 1’ which turned into an urgent ‘No 2’ – thank god for that boy scout [I never was one by the way!] rule of always carrying some emergency paper…….by the time my open air ablution was over, everyone was long gone. I tried to figure out the route,triangulating St Hughs spire with Truleigh Hill and Chanctonbury Ring, obviously took some wrong turnings, and ended up at Bines Bridge [not that I knew it then]. I stick above the route I actually took – inadvertently stopping my watch between Bines Bridge and my sudden re-emergence on the Downslink – I reckon I did 11 miles in all so it was hardly a short cut. Oh, and the bluebells are magnificently fresh and fragrant! Another eventful Saturday morning!!!

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