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In Spring each year we usually run an 8 Week jog/walk programme which is aimed at taking someone who is new to running to being able to complete a 5k run (Thats 3.1 miles in old money). However due to Coronavirus restrictions we are currently unable to schedule this for 2021 – but watch this space.

The formal sessions are weekly, each Wednesday evening from Henfield Leisure Centre, and out around the footpaths and maybe even trails around Henfield. The process is coached along the lines of walking/jogging for set periods, starting off with more walking than jogging, then building up each week so that at the end of 8 weeks the ratio is all jogging (gently at a pace suitable for all) and a 5k run is achievable.

Naturally just one session each week won’t be enough, so this requires commitment to continue on a personal basis in between the coached sessions. What we provide is structure, motivation, feedback, and group therapy! And a sense of humour. Don’t underestimate the group benefit – many of us started exactly this way and went on to 10k’s, half and full marathons, even ultra marathons. But lets not get carried away – you’ll get out of this what you put in, we simply understand how everyone feels when starting out. Daunted. You’re not alone – and of course as a group you’ll be able to make friends and running buddies that help create a supportive environment both in, and between, sessions.

Furthermore – many of us started in this way and have our own stories – if you want to know more about what it is like, how we felt (the same as you!) and how it turned out – you can read our stories here.

The course costs £25 but includes membership to Henfield Joggers (valid until January 2020) which brings all the benefits of membership too since we are a friendly club for whom socialising is as important as the running!

More information can be found here or for further details contact:

Our next course is not scheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions

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