New HJ Kit Supplier

Great news – after losing our official HJ kit supplier when Pinnacle Sports closed their whole online shopping facility abruptly during the Lockdowns, we’ve been without a means of getting those lovely green shirts and things! Well worry no more, Liz has been working overtime to find a new supplier, and I’m pleased to say that our new shop is now up and running.

We have a couple of M size samples for Vest and Tee – they seem to us to be a tiny, tiny bit smaller than the old version, so bear that in mind when ordering if you’re on the ‘sizing cusp’! See Paul if you want to see them before buying. Otherwise the quality is exactly the same.

The Kit page on the HJ website is now live again with the links to this new shop and also the Giraffe shop if you want a lovely HJ buff! And the Mini Joggers kit is on there too! Lets Green the World!

Just in time for events restarting!