Changed Guidance on Group Running

Following the government update England Athletics updated their guidance this week, which you can see by following the link here. There is, as of now, nothing to stop 6 people running together, ensuring 2 Metre separation and anyone interested is free to do so. However for the CLUB to arrange any such runs is more complex, CLUB runs have obligations attached (for example we have to have a Covid-19 co-ordinator identified in each club to take responsibility for club plan and undertake the relevant risk assessments. These risk assessments and club plans must be in place before any activity can take place in order for insurance to be valid).

After considering this at a Committee meeting the unanimous decision was to NOT change anything at Club level and NOT organise any Club runs using these new rules. We believe that the restrictions mean that the benefits are so small, the complications so great, and the responsibilities so onerous that it just isn’t worth it. Nor was anyone comfortable in accepting the responsibility that taking on such a role required.

But what people do OUTSIDE ANY CLUB ORGANISATION is down to them. Just please be sure to stay within the rules. Hope that makes it clear