30 Years of Henfield Joggers

30 Years of Henfield Joggers

This April Henfield Joggers will be celebrating the club’s 30 year anniversary. The inaugural run took place on 1st April 1990 following an initiative by local people who wanted to do something fun, healthy and outdoors.Since that day many hundreds of people of all ages have come on the running journey and enjoyed the many health benefits of running, from general physical fitness, to that feel-good endorphin release, that helps withfeelings of mental well-being. Our members will tell you that running is one of the best stress relievers any of them know!

As our birthday is on Wednesday 1st April all past members, and especially any of those founding members, are invited to come along, say hi to the current members, and have a drink with us at The Plough from 8.30pm. Or even better, meet us at Henfield Leisure Centre at 7pm and come for a run with us before celebrating at the Plough – it would be great to see you!

For total beginners we hold an 8 week Start Running course each year. We start off very gently by jogging for a minute then walking for a minute, steadily building each week so that by the end of the course, people can run without stopping for 5k. 

The next course will launch on 15th April from Henfield Leisure Centre at 7pm, and you’ll be well led by UK Athletics accredited Leaders in Running Fitness coaches. Just drop us an Email at beginners@henfieldjoggers.co.uk to book yourself in and arrange payment. The £25 cost is very reasonable given that it also includes membership of Henfield Joggers for a whole year. We aim to keep the group to a maximum of 20 people so that we can really provide the correct focus for everyone, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

You can also find us on Facebook where we have a Public group, and once a member, a Private group with more detailed information and a lively interactive community for arranging runs etc.