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This years Seven Stiles event will be held on Sunday morning 28th July 2019. All the details and an entry form can be found here.

It should no longer surprise anyone that there are not actually seven stiles! Rest assured, there used to be but over the years while the route has been largely unchanged, the stiles have been removed. How many are there now? You’ll have to count! NO prizes for getting that answer correct! We have toyed with changing the name to suit the reduced number but decided, in the same spirit of Sevenoaks which after the hurricane in 1987 no longer actually has the titular number of oak trees, that the name reflects the legacy of the event, and is a timeless classic within the Fun Run season. Honest!

The one aspect that we emphasise each year is that of car parking. The Leisure Centre has limited parking, and we try to prioritise this for the other users of the facilities on the day. We therefore encourage everyone to use the main car parks in Henfield (marked on the page linked above) and undertake the short 10 minute walk to the Leisure Centre. We do deploy car parking marshals to monitor people trying to access the Leisure Centre via Northcroft, and people will be turned away as soon as available parking is full. It’s much easier if you simply go straight to one of the two main FREE (on a Sunday) car parks in the High Street. The easiest route from the High Street (using the Post Office as a reference point) is marked on the map below and takes 10 minutes:

Walking route from a High Street to Henfield Leisure Centre – Event HQ

6 Commentsto Henfield Joggers Seven Stiles

  1. Stephen Hartfield says:

    Are we allowed to bring a dog to the league race tomorrow?

  2. smoggypaul says:

    Hi Stephen, not to run I’m afraid, the course is far too narrow in places for safety to be assured. By all means bring to spectate.

  3. Stephen Hartfield says:

    It’s only to spectate, rather than run. Just wanted to check given it’s at a leisure centre.

  4. smoggypaul says:

    Great. Absolutely no problems since the whole event is outside.

  5. Stella Cross says:

    Please can I enter the 4 mile at 11a.m. on the day tomorrow?

  6. smoggypaul says:

    Hi Stella, yes you will be able to enter tomorrow!

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