England Athletics Renewal/Membership

England Athletics registration/renewal for 2019/20 is now open. If you are an existing member this lapses on 31 March, and if you want to join now is the time to do so as you will get the benefit of a full years membership. The cost is £15, unchanged from last year.

As a reminder, this is an entirely optional, additional membership to Henfield Joggers, that registers you as an ‘athlete’ (yeah I know, I am a member just to get a kick from having a card saying ‘registered athlete’!!). Membership runs 1st April to 31st March, and you can only join through a registered Club (which Henfield Joggers is/are). I do the registration for you, you pay Henfield Joggers £15 (BACS preferable with EA as the reference) and we pay England Athletics and register you.

There is often confusion between Club registration with England Athletics and Individual. The Clubs affiliation number is often all you need when securing entry discounts and is available to everyone, but equally there are times when only Individual Members can get the discount, and the number you need for this is your own England Athletics number (if you are a member)

The benefit to the Club overall is that we need 10 people minimum to sign up so that the Club qualifies for receiving one guaranteed entry to the London Marathon each year. If fewer than 10 sign up then the Club is not guaranteed a place but is entered into a ballot instead.

The benefits to you as an individual are on the England Athletics website – the link is here. Please make your own judgement and if you want to register let me know below, and transfer £15 to the HJ Bank Account. I will do the rest.