Latest and Revised Handicap Results

The latest September results are in – I wont spoil the suspense not least because this message from Chris explains why every Months results in 2017 have been revised!!

“Chris apologises for gremlins which have crept into the results back to the start of the year.  This came to light when Andy James pointed out that Eb Gargano seemed to have an extremely ambitious target time for her run in June.  Investigation showed this to be the result of a transcription error, easy to correct. However the wrong time did not appear to have had the severe adverse effect in the results to be expected.

Further probing revealed that the code to implement the ‘best time from the last three’ rule was incorrect for Eb and for a further 8 runners (fortunately not all active in recent months).  The results from the start of the year have therefore been recalculated, but this has altered the points for other runners as well.  In most cases, the difference is 1 point, but in three cases, changes of 3,5,and 5 points emerged in the results to June.

Hopefully, all is now in order.”

Monthly Handicap Results 2017