Handicap Results for April – Updated!

Hold the Press! Chris confused Gill with Liz in the initial results so they have been recalculated and that DOES affect the placings – follow the link below for the full (and correct) runners and riders!

Chris sends his apologies for the delay, after recently breaking his spectacles, the back-up pair don’t suit him when reading a screen so the spreadsheet has required some
peering at the screen on his part!

After some pondering about what had happened to him on his first ever appearance and potential disappearance, we eventually established that Tom Coates had followed the
course in reverse, so is excluded from the results with his own agreement, but at least he knows the terrain for next month!

And to say it’s tight is like saying it is ‘close’ at the top of the Championship promotion race (as I write!) with only 1 point separating teh first three places. But it’s Liz, from Kerry and then Nikki. Plenty of time to go though – have I ever said ‘it’s a marathon not a sprint?’ – well I have now!

Full results are here.