Kinesiology Taping – Members Benefit

Angie Brotheridge ( is a freelance Holistic Therapist, based in Henfield, and has been actively practicing as a therapist since the beginning of the millennium. She offers many treatments including Sports Remedial Massage,and this year she is embarking on the fairly new concept of using kinesiology tape on clients. She first came across the kinesiology tape whilst watching the London Olympics during 2012. Seeing a trend in the use of this tape expand across the globe has led her to believe there must be some benefits to using the tape.

After training at New Queens Hospital in Birmingham she is now looking to get some practical experience of applying this to runners and is coming along to Henfield Leisure Centre before our session on Wednesday 18th February, from 5pm to apply the treatment at no cost to any Henfield Joggers interested, to see how it can help – she will be there until 9pm so there should be lots of opportunity to experience the treatment and talk to Angie – who says:
Despite Kinesiology taping being the latest trendy treatment for players and athletes, the Kinesio tape is nothing new. It was invented by a Japanese chiropractor Dr Kenzo Kase in the 1970s. Kinesio tape may help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, enhance performance and help with rehabilitation as well as supporting muscles during a sporting event. 
Come along to Henfield Leisure Centre on Wednesday 18th February and give it a try. After a brief consultation, to discuss the area requiring attention, I will apply the Kinesio tape to the skin on the corresponding muscles. This may require you to remove some clothing, i.e. hamstring problems will require to remove leggings/trousers so shorts may be recommended. This will take place in the treatment room.
Jog on! and see how effective the tape is for you. The tape may remain on for approx 4 days and is best removed soaking in the bath. I have experienced the Kinesio tape for myself when I was training for a triathlon my hamstrings were feeling the strain. I had tape applied the day before the event and they remained completely pain free through out. After 4 days the tape removed easily in the bath.