Hickstead Gallop 5mile Fun Run

Sometimes you have to laugh at the term ‘fun run’! I’m sure some people looking on just see the words ‘fun run’ and assume we all pitch up wearing funny costumes, carrying buckets to collect coins as we laugh gaily waving to the crowds……..we all know the truth is somewhat different, and on a damp Sunday morning at Hickstead the reality is evident. This isn’t a steep course, gently undulating more the case, nor is it especially tricky terrain overall. What it is though is energy-sapping terrain for runners, ground that has been used by 2014-10-12 10.56.19horses perhaps? It’s tummocky, if there is such a word, flattened long grass, muddy in strategic places (just before the brow of a hill when you think you’re nearly there for instance). The route is a small loop initially, returning through the start, followed by 2 much longer loops, so you go through the start another time before finally completing the course. Nine of us took on the challenge today, and while we were all glad to get to the end we did appreciate the challenge that is Hickstead – you feel it in your legs, no doubt! Results to follow – I had to leave the bulk of people enjoying tea and cake in the Grandstand – I’m sure they’ll write a report of the cake quality! Thanks to Dave who got some finishing photographs you can see in the Gallery here:


40:12 Dave Razzell
40:35 Alan Barwick
42:51 Kieran Lewer
43:53 Paul Crowe
44:56 Nikki Hargrave
47:48 Louise Muller
49:00 Amanda Kianfor
49:00 Louise Lewer
49:48 Lorna Winter