Hornet Stinger report

Well, last holiday weekend of this summer, many people away, Henfield seemed deserted, even Swains was totally empty this afternoon……and a tough little mother of a ‘fun run’………perhaps not a surprise that only 5 of us fancied this. I say fancy, Danielle and I had similar views on that point. Not even a ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ thought, as it didn’t! But despite the ‘gulp, that’s a lot of climbing’ feeling, we were there, and on a glorious sunny Sunday, along with about 300 other fools, all vying for that PB which was 100% guaranteed on this inaugural run. From Waterhall we wound our way up to intercept Newtimber Hill near the top, over the crown to tumble (literally) down towards Saddlescombe, but jumping left and climbing again to head back towards Waterhall, but only after a series of false “this is the last hill, mostly, honest” from the marshals, who were plentiful and encouraging. Even at the last, with the finish in sight, there was a series of steps to climb! The conditions underfoot were perfect, but I’d still say that this is the toughest of the WSFRL fun run series now, and at just under 6 miles one of the longest. BUT, it was great fun, a wonderful course, well organised and great to reflect back on. I’d encourage some of you “I don’t do fun runs but I like Roundhill Romp” people to tackle this next year, you’ll love it!!!! And even a free raffle afterwards for all entrants, now there’s a novelty! Results below and great to see that Andy was 3rd overall, leading to a dressing down from Danielle for simply ‘not trying hard enough’…….


38:07 Andy Massingale
50:55 Fabian Kaelin
52:45 Alan Barwick
1:01:57 Paul Crowe
1:02:39 Danielle Kaelin