Brians Barbados Booz………..Running!

I ran with the Barbados Hash during my visit in 2012 and hence am included in their mailing list, have recently received this flyer  and I thought it would be rude not to accept. So here I am in my favourite holiday destination looking forward to tomorrow’s AGPU run and 5 more Hashes during the next week while cruising the Caribbean

Update: Five hashes completed and just one to go before flying back on Monday, have loads of photo’s but selected a few that might be of interest


SUNDAY             BARBADOS        9 am

THURSDAY        St LUCIA            10am

FRIDAY              St KITTS            9am

SATURDAY        St MAARTEN       9am

SUNDAY             REST DAY

MONDAY            St THOMAS        9am

TUESDAY           FUN DAY            at SEA

SATURDAY        BARBADOS         4 pm

Brian Bracey

brian brian1

brian2 brian3