Run Safety Protocols

These roles and basic rules are part of our plans to ensure that all runners, regardless of experience can feel safe and supported when out on Club Runs. The protocols can be downloaded as a word document or read from the page below.


  • Route Leader
  • Front Runner
  • Back Runner
  • Reserve Runner
  • Running Buddy


Route Leader (RL):

  • Map route
  • Share route on Facebook and advise expected terrain
  • Ensure gpx version is shared
  • Confirm warm-up time
  • Confirm briefing and run start time
  • Communicate with Front Runner before setting off
  • Lead run
  • Communicate with Front Runner throughout run, who will ensure that the group remain within a reasonable distance

Front Runner (FR):

  • Run at front of group and communicate with RL + BR (radio for large groups)
  • Wear designated reflective vest/lights
  • Carry whistle
  • Allocate Running Buddies when required
  • Advise BR if any runners leave the group
  • Count back all runners
  • Take feedback after run

Back Runner (BR):

  • Run at the back of group i.e. all runners must remain ahead – except for any allocated slow runners with a Running Buddy
  • Wear designated reflective vest/lights
  • Carry small 1st aid kit, whistle, phone, radio (large groups), safety torch
  • Count all runners leaving start point and advise RL
  • Advise RL if any runners leave the group
  • Communicate with RL if big groups get too spread out and request a runback

Reserve Runner:

  • Take over Back Runner Role if required
  • Carry radio if required (large groups)
  • Periodically check-in with the FR and BR when a large group means that they do not have direct line of sight

Running Buddy:

  • Run/walk with allocated slow/injured runner
  • Carry phone + a whistle
  • Know route and/or follow on a map


Runners Briefing (can be delivered by any designated role, usually Route Leader or Front Runner)

  • Run distance and expected terrain
  • Details of shorter options and arrangements at
  • Front Runner (FR) is:  name
  • Back Runner (BR) is:  name
  • Reserve Runner (RR) is:  name
  • 5 whistle blast = emergency: “shout ahead + run back”
  • Runners will be counted ‘out’ by BR and ‘in’ by FR  – please don’t leave group without advising FR or BR
  • Faster runners please limit run backs to area between FR and BR                               i.e. remain in front of BR
  • Advise FR or BR of any medical issues that might affect ability to run
  • Identify any very slow runner and allocate a Running Buddy (must not be BR)
  • Reminder to keep dogs under control and not to blind drivers with head torches (if appropriate)