Route Archive – choose your own route

Here you will find a selection of runs from around the village and also from a range of pubs from which to choose – click on any image to expand and print as you see fit. Naturally they also form the basis of some lovely walks too!

The longer runs are listed first, and in distance order, descending in mileage. The Pub Runs follow on but I haven’t put them in any order – they’re all between 5 and 7 miles.

Please note that all distances are indicative rather than exact – if you measure my 11 miles as 11.7, don’t come knocking at my door! Also, these are all based on running, or walking – if you cycle be aware that as I’m not a cyclist I can’t tell you if they are suitable!

Enjoy yourselves, and please leave feedback if you’ve enjoyed specific routes, to help others choose.


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