Welcome to Henfield Joggers

We are a friendly, informal running club based in Henfield, West Sussex.
From the very start we have aimed to be a welcoming Club, where the slowest runner and the fastest are treated and respected equally. Core to our ethos is the ability to have fun both running and socially.

A training run along a woodland path

Starting Out
For total beginners we hold several completely free courses each year, usually in January, May and September, led by an experienced coach. Age is no barrier in starting to run, just a desire to get outside and move your body along faster than a slow walk! The aim with these courses is to start off very gently by jogging for a minute then walking for minute, and over 6 weeks gradually increase the distance so that by the end people can take part in the monthly 5k Grace Wells Handicap, though there is no pressure to participate.

Moving up
Many people do not want to run competitive races, and we never place any pressure on any member to do so. However most of us are interested in improving, or just not slipping back! The Grace Wells Handicap is a series of 3½ mile runs over the course of each calendar year on the first Wednesday of each month, with the underlying aim of encouraging runners, and particularly new members, to take part regularly and to improve their performance. During the winter months, the course is around the roads of the village. During the summer months, the course goes out to, and along, the Adur river bank. We believe that the two courses are closely comparable in distance and achievable times. There are no races in July or August to avoid the main holiday season.

The format is quite simple and the only competition is with yourself, since the objective is simply to improve your previous times, and the winner of the trophy, which is presented at the AGM each December, is the person making the biggest improvement, NOT the fastest runner!

Open to all
Our main Club meeting is each Wednesday night at 7pm when we meet up at Henfield Leisure Centre Reception and run both on road around the streets of Henfield, and off road around the local countryside (even in the mud and dark of midwinter, for which a good torch is essential!). Whichever type of running you prefer, we will aim to find someone of similar speed and distance and you can enjoy the benefits of running with a friendly group. Distances will typically range from 3 to 7 miles, depending on group, conditions and weather.

Moving further
For people wanting longer runs or who are training for Half-Marathons, Marathons and beyond (the world of Ultra’s is out there!) – we run a variety of cross-country routes on Saturdays at 8am from Henfield Leisure Centre, usually ranging from 10 to 15 miles. If this sounds daunting there are always shorter ‘return’ routes and as the routes are always cross-country, stiles are a great opportunity to regroup and draw breath. Noone is ever left behind

Further details on how to become a member can be found here. If you just want to drop by for a chat first, and see how things go, just come by any Wednesday and join in. We promise to make you very welcome. If you’re a visiting ‘runner’ then just come down and run with us too while you’re here, we’d love to see you!