Handicap Results – September

Here are the first results for the new handicap season, which will run from this September to next June.

For newcomers, a brief explanation of key entries:

Congratulations to Jo Cole.  Her actual time is 5m 16s inside her target time, so she comes top of the points score, not because she was the first home (though there may be a slight connection!)

Alan Barwick is a long-established member, but has not run the handicap for a long period, partly due to injuries, so his previous target time is deleted and he starts as a new entrant, and this month will set his target time for the next race.

4 of the last 5 timings are for new entrants to the handicap.  Welcome to the series, and we hope that you will succeed in monitoring and improving your times. Your times this month set your target time for the next race.

The overall  points table will appear from next month.  As the footnote says, everyone entering gets an additional 2 attendance points, and new entrants get 3 points as a token for their initial entry. Serious points are earned from your next race onwards.