Month: March 2018

Saturday Morning 30th March

Continuing the response to the request for ‘more hills’, I suggest we do the ‘Big One’ aka Truleigh on Saturday. It’s about 13 miles and quite a tough climb up from the road, but the views at the top on a clear day are worth it. Rest assured Mitch will not be coming!

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Saturday 24th March

I am aware a number of people are running the London Landmarks half marathon this weekend, but for the rest of us I suggest this 10 miler down to Upper Beeding and Tottington. Thankfully it’s becoming progressively easier to avoid mud and we shouldn’t encounter any until Tottington Woods even if we run down the […]

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Summer 2018 Pub Run Schedule

Yes the light nights are FINALLY here again, it seems to have been a long, cold and dark winter this one! Hugh has revised the schedule and tried to align the pubs with scenic runs to the season most appropriate! As always you can find the full list of weekly runs on our FIND US […]

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