Month: December 2017

Saturday Morning December 30th

Unfortunately there are a limited number of dry routes that don’t involve longish stretches of road running. A few of these include Lock Farm and this is the basic one of 9.5 miles that should enable us to keep our feet dry until the path linking Honeybridge and Spithandle Lanes and also avoids a certain […]

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Boxing Day Run

This is the suggested route on Boxing Day. It’s about 10 miles, starting from HLC at 9am and, hopefully, avoiding any lengthy stretches of mud and also, of course, Eatons Bridge. Have a great day tomorrow, everyone, whether you are running or not.

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Saturday Morning 23rd December

I suggest this route on Saturday that I have filed as ‘Wineham-Shermanbury dry’! It’s about 10 miles and there are a few potentially muddy shortcuts for those who would prefer a slightly shorter run, but don’t mind getting their feet wet.

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