Grace Wells Handicap Result 2016

Congratulations go to Jane Billington who beat off strong competition from Kerry to win the 2016 Handicap by only 3 points! The award was made at the Christmas Function on Saturday 17th December by ‘Handicap-Meister’ Chris Bradfield. Commiserations to Kerry who had led for a good portion of the year, but well done to everyone who took part.

The full results can be found on the Handicap section of the website here.

The 2017 Handicap starts all over again on 4th January – remember its NOT a race against others, its simply you against yourself and aimed at encouraging improvement over the course of the year – therefore ANYONE can have a chance of winning the trophy – but of course as the points are cumulative, attendance IS a key factor. So……what are you waiting for – see you in January!