Month: September 2016

Saturday Morning 1st October

Hi guys, I understand there is no kayaking tomorrow and, as have a bad back at present, I am not starting something I can’t finish, i.e. suggesting a route of 10 miles or more. However moderate exercise is good, so I will be at HLC at 8am, as usual, walking, jogging and maybe even running […]

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September Handicap Results

Results have been slightly delayed as Chris and then Paul have been away but finally, drum roll, here they are! After the usual Summer absence it seems like a long time, but the top three are very very tight now. It’s Kerry, from Jane, then Liz. But three months to go and anything can happen. Good […]

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  • Bacchus Half Marathon 2016

    Where do I start with a review of this utterly amazing ‘event’ (definitely not race!)? Probably with Jenny’s review of her experience last year, which intrigued many of us to enter this year. From one person last year to a whole minibus and carload of runners and supporters, the Joggers were out in force! Jenny […]

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