Month: August 2014

Saturday Morning 30th August (Updated)

As a change to the previously published run, and due to Shoreham Air Display weekend, we could do something completely different on Saturday – never let it be said we are stuck in a rut – park in the A283 layby and then follow this route. It’s just under 13 miles and has over 1,500 […]

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Hornet Stinger report

Well, last holiday weekend of this summer, many people away, Henfield seemed deserted, even Swains was totally empty this afternoon……and a tough little mother of a ‘fun run’………perhaps not a surprise that only 5 of us fancied this. I say fancy, Danielle and I had similar views on that point. Not even a ‘seemed like […]

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Saturday Morning 23rd August

Those of us running autumn marathons need to crank up the mileage a bit, so I suggest we do the Convent Run this Saturday – just over 13 miles, but pretty flat throughout. There are plenty of short cuts for anyone who would prefer a shorter run .  

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