Month: July 2014

Saturday Morning 2nd August

With the Hugh-meister away and a general consensus on Wednesday night that we’d look to cover about 8 miles, with Brian taking the lead, I’ve selected this route from the archive – no guarantees that Brian will follow this ‘exactly’ but the general outline is there – lets hope the weather stays warm and dry […]

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Comments following Seven Stiles

It has been lovely to receive positive feedback following the Seven Stiles on 27th July – I’ve tried to capture them from a variety of sources and you will find them below – always motivating for everyone involved to see these so I want to share to the widest audience! Slick last-minute registration. Wonderful marshals. […]

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  • Seven Stiles Race Reports

    Obviously the majority of Henfield Joggers were working ‘behind the scenes’ to run this event, so thank heavens we had ONE runner, Simon Funnell, who has sent in his race report for the 4 Mile race, below – but before that a comment on the 1 Mile race from Amanda’s daughter – straight and to the […]

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