Month: April 2014

  • Pub Run Frankland Arms

    Another great turnout for last nights run, despite the presence of hills (which everyone accomplished, walking up hills is just fine!) – I did get some photographs as it was such a fine evening, in the Gallery  

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    Saturday Morning 19th April – Bluebell time!

    As we didn’t get to run this route last week, hem hem, our working assumption is that we’ll simply run it this Easter weekend and take in the glory of the bluebells around Spithandle Lane….assuming Brian Turrell can navigate the final bit! C11 miles and lovely with it.

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    Good Luck for everyone in the London Marathon tomorrow…and RESULTS!!

    ….no this isn’t really a news item, but good luck to everyone doing the London Marathon tomorrow, especially our own Ilidia on her fantastic fund raising quest, and Terry on his 28th consecutive London……..the weather should be perfect, enjoy the whole day!! And send us a report eh!! And some photos!!!!! RESULTS Ilidia Campbell – […]

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