Saturday Morning – 15th November

No map this week, this was very much ‘made up as we went along’    – but generally went along the famous ‘Monastery Run’ route – out to Albourne and Sayers Common, back via various stables and horsetracks through Wineham and Shermanbury Church. As gagging orders have been issued to stop me revealing any uncautious

Terry's Hula-tastic
Terry’s Hula-tastic

comments from various people I am unable to do much more than quote Hughs Facebook comment – “What a fab morning for a run. Nearly 13 miles in glorious sunshine with the usual non-stop banter. If I hadn’t got my feet wet early on due to an interesting change in the route, I felt I could have run a lot further.” (Actually it was 13.1 miles – at least it was from MY house – Ed). The sunshine was bright, the day freezing, only just on 0c when we set out, but Terry still found time to demonstrate his amazing, incredible Hula prowess in Sayers Common!

Of course, had I NOT been issued with legal restraints I could have covered a whole range of comments, from male on male kissing to head-on-body substitutions……..but thats the thing about having just a male group this week – no lovely, delicate females around to add a more balanced air to the proceedings! Hopefully I will circumvent the legalities next week (or rather the week after as I shall be in the Meon Valley next weekend) and be able to return to unfettered reporting and free speech [well, as free as my biased comments are anyway!]
And a big thanks to Hugh who this week sacrificed his own dryness to find a flooded, ice-cold field seconds before the rest of us – how we appreciated his shrieks of warning that allowed us to avoid suffering the same fate. And didn’t laugh. Not once. No we didn’t!