Month: July 2013

Saturday Morning – 3rd August 2013

Another classic – Lock Farm, although there are a number of variations of this route. It’s between 11 and 12 miles and involves a couple of stretches of tarmac, although at least you are running down rather than up Spithandle Lane! Mark is on holiday so this is all done to Hugh! 3rd August 2013

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Henfield Fayre – Green Barrows

What can we say but thank you, well done and congratulations from all of us to those who took part in the Henfield Fayre yesterday. Despite a difficult run up to this event Trevor did a fabulous job of organising everything, from the materials (wheelbarrows), the choreography, the rehearsals, putting the team together, and of course commentating […]

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Grand Prix Race Reports

Jenny writes a short report for all Grand Prix races, along with results for any Henfield Joggers entered. You can find all these here!

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