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Saturday 29th June

OK. Hugh is still on holiday and without him I don’t have access to those lovely maps that he does. So this is a little behind the times, as we ‘made this up’ as we went, and its therefore where we went, rather than where we’re going!

Graced by Marcus recovering from injury, we set off towards Albourne led by Mark who wanted to ‘try some paths I’ve not gone down before’. Interestingly it appeared that noone else had gone down them either, and we went through jungle-like conditions with Mark using a big stick to hack a path through undergrowth. Sadly Brian T learned just too late that a ‘Mark sized hole’ in the dense foliage didn’t quite reach his shoulders, so a lot of ducking was in order. Marcus was heard to say ‘I’ve really missed this’ shortly before repeatedly saying ‘I’m a city boy really’ and ‘ow ow ow ow ow’. Nettles you see. Quite a few today. Ah well!

Sue regaled us with her own mothers version of ‘The Mighty Quinn’ with an interesting play on words. We know where she gets it from now. I can’t look at any dog recently without thinking of Gods own son. Confused?, don’t worry, its worse than you think!

Along the way we saw lots more deer [well, we did run through the deer sanctuary!] and on Glastonbury weekend stumbled upon Albournes own festival, Bed Fest! Seriously, its true! Tents (3), camper vans (1) guitars (1), sleepy musicians (1). It was going to be a riot. Sadly we couldn’t stay as Mark needed to get home as he needed a small prick in his mouth (at the dentist, stop thinking naughty thoughts) before he had a tooth out. Lets hope its not his wisdom tooth eh!

Hugh is back next week so normal mapping service should be resumed

Turned out to be about 9 miles – I tracked it as below:

29th June - wot we did run
29th June – wot we did run