Month: June 2013

Latest Grand Prix Reports

Jenny Cobby is our Grand Prix representative and provides a report on each race – all race reports are here and you’ll find the Heathfield 10k report already up!  

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Saturday 29th June

OK. Hugh is still on holiday and without him I don’t have access to those lovely maps that he does. So this is a little behind the times, as we ‘made this up’ as we went, and its therefore where we went, rather than where we’re going! Graced by Marcus recovering from injury, we set […]

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Henfield Summer Fete – Still Need Volunteers!

We’re in the programme to run an ‘event’ at the Summer Fete on July 20th, but desperately need volunteers to take part. We only need 6 people but are struggling to get even that number. If you can help, but are a little shy, PLEASE don’t sit back, your Club needs you! Contact Trevor at: […]

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