To all HJ members

Dear HJ member
As we draw to the close of not only 2020 but also our Membership Year, we are acutely aware that we have been unable to hold our usual AGM. We did consider holding a Zoom meeting but on looking at the Agenda and thinking about reports on Pub Runs, Club Events, Social activities – the sum total we could say was ZERO! The last time we were able to run ‘normally’ as a Club was, as far as we can tell, March 11th. There was one further ‘socially distanced’ run before Lockdown 1.0 but that can’t really be considered ‘normal’! Therefore we thought it best to report back to all our members via this email, as there are several important things to note:
MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL – Given that as a Club we have barely been able to offer much in2 terms of running, socialising, all the things we’re good at, and given we’ve had no costs as nothing has been happening, it is the Committees unanimous decision to extend the 2020 Membership Year to include all of 2021 too – therefore your Club Membership is automatically extended until January 2022. If you haven’t run for a while, lost your mojo, and thought you’d quietly drop away and no one would notice – tough! You’re all still HJ members and as things improve (as undoubtedly they will) as we go through 2021 and we’re able to start doing ‘normal’ things again, we want to see you back – we want to help you. And its a huge Thank You to all the people who have kept going, supported the Virtual events and the Club.
MEMBERSHIP 2021 – To add to this we’re going to throw membership to Henfield Joggers open, for free, to anyone who wants during 2021. We think at this time people need support, help and encouragement more than ever, and we all know the positive impact that regular exercise has, not just on the body but on our mental processes too. You will see this announced in the January BN5. So if you know people who might have been thinking of joining us – now’s the time to give them a push – its FREE!
COMMITTEE – Your Committee is happy to stand again. HOWEVER two people are standing down at the end of December:Nikki HargraveDanielle KaelinOn behalf of Henfield Joggers we want to say a huge THANK YOU to these two people who have contributed so much to our social activities and Start Running courses over the last few years!
WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN THE COMMITTEE? – Replacing Dani and Nikki is not going to be easy, but we really need two more people to join the Committee for January 2021 onwards – could it be you? We need to think about the challenges that 2021 will bring, what lessons have we learned throughout the various lockdowns, how can we apply them as we come out of restrictions in the future, what does the new ‘normal’ look like, how do we operate as a Club moving forwards, can we run a 2021 Start Running/Restart Running course, are there any social events we could organise etc etc etc. Please just drop a line to Enquiries@henfieldjoggers.co.uk if you are interested. And DON’T be shy!
Thats just about it for 2020 – lets not shed any tiers, lets look forward to 2021 with optimism and a new sense of togetherness.Merry Christmas from your Committee – Dani, Hugh, Kas, Liz, Mark, Nikki and Paul

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